Just a quick video tutorial where I talk about my process to normalize textures in Softimage. Spanish audio.
Do you like to see my tutorials in English? Send me a line.


Image Based Lighting.

August 4, 2012

I recorded a video where I show how to set-up a quick and simple image based lighting rig.
In the first part of the video I work on Softimage and then I move on to Maya to do the same rig.
I’m using Mental Ray as render engine. The audio is Spanish, sorry about that, but you can follow the video with no problem at all.

Best view in HD.


This is my simple method to achieve decent results when I’m trying to do some realistic chipped paint metals, like old pipes, handrails and other stuff.

- First of all, sculpt as much as you can in Zbrush or Mudbox. This will be the key of your chipped paint metal.

- If you want (as I did) you can bake some 3D procedurals in your favourite 3D program on different planes. With these baked procedurals you’d be able to create cool 16 bits stamps for your sculpt application. Always is easy painting using that kind of material because you have already a great base to start.
I used Softimage’s cloud, noise and cell.

- And here is my 16 bits displacement map extracted from Mudbox. Not big deal.

- Don’t forget to paint a nice ISO map or mask to isolate your rusty areas from the painted ones.

- And these are my other texture maps. Really simple stuff, just a flat rust texture and some metallic surface for the painted areas.

- Quite simple shading tree as well.

- Final render.

Rembrandt light…

July 31, 2012

…with a touch of salt&pepper.

Just a simple test here.
I wanted to create a strong portrait lighting for this male subject. I thought on Rembrandt Light, one of my favourite lighting set-up.
Rembrandt light is great, I love that kind of lighting specially when you are shooting portraits on exterior locations, but I prefer other lighting set-ups for studio shots.

So, I did a couple of touches to create a darkish environment on the Rembrandt lighting set-up for studio scenes and achieve a more strong and dramatic portrait.

Find below some test which I did and some lines about the construction of this set-up.
Big thanks to the guys of Infinite-Realities for provide this great model.

I used a big soft box created with a portal light controlled by Kelvin temperature.
Then, I created a huge sphere wrapping all the scene, with a 16bit grey to white gradient to help Final Gathering to add soft environment light.
I also create a strong rim light to separate a little bit the subject from the background.
And finally to create more penumbra areas and strong feeling to the image, I put a light blocker close to the subject. With this basic geometry with a constant black shader the environment light created by FG is absorbed on the right side of the picture.

With this simple set-up my Rembrandt Light looks more dramatic, right?

- This is my scene. Quite simple.

- Take a look to the orthographic views to see the distribution of the lights and other elements involved on this set-up.

- Some parameters below.

- Some lighting study before touch the computer.

- Blocking the lighting.

- Some environment lighting added.

- Blocking the environment light using a black panel.

- Testing displacement maps.

- First test with SSS.

- Some passes to play with. (environment light).

- Main soft box.

- Rim light.

- Reflection.

- Final image.

Assets for training.

May 23, 2012

Here some assets which belong to my Texturing and Look-dev course, available soon.
Only in Spanish at the moment but will be soon in English as well.


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