Physical Sun and Sky and Linear Workflow.

April 23, 2012


- First of all activate Mental Ray in the Rendering Options.

- Create a Physical Sun and Sky system.

- Activate Final Gather. At the moment should be enough if you select the Preset Preview Final Gather. It’s just for testing purposes.

- Check that the mia_exposure_simple lens shader has been added to the camera. And Check that the gamma is set to 2.2

- Launch a render and you’ll realize that everything looks washed.

- We need to add a gamma correction node after each texture node, even procedural color shaders.

- Connect the texture file’s outColor to the “Gamma Correction” node’s value. Then connect the “Gamma Correct” node’s outValue to the shader’s diffuse.

- Use the value 0.455 in the gamma node.
- The gamma correction for sRGB devices (with a gamma of approximately 2.2) is 1/2.2 = 0.4545. If your texture files are gamma corrected for gamma 2.2, put 0.455 into the Gamma attribute text boxes.

- If you launch a render again, everything should looks fine.

-  Once you are happy with the look of your scene, to do a batch render you need to put the gamma value of the lens camera shader to 1.

- Under the quality tab, in the framebuffer options, select RGBA float, set the gamma to 1 and the colorspace to raw.

- Render using openExr and that’s it.

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